Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fall Essentials 2013

 We all know that when it comes to Fall we must have Staple Basics or Timeless pieces to make our whole entire outfit look pizazzed out ! Here are a couple of MY  MUST HAVES Which you will def find in my wardrobe , and in my Makeup bag.
 I will start from the Head down to our toes!
  •  Beanies: Lets make sure we get the slouchy beanies in atleast Black & Gray ( I also have burgandy, and mustard)
  • Wide Brimmed : These Hats Are GORG and timeless , you can wear them at any age with any outfit to give it an edgy or sophisticated look. Get atleast A Black one . ( I have burgandy & will soon be picking up a nice tan one and grey one once I get my hands on one that I like)
  • Fedoras: These fun summer hats are also timeless and AGELESS. I would recommend atleast a Tan one if nothing else. Other great ones are ones that are two colored black and white , tan & black ,tribal designs etc.
  • Cap: For all the ladies that do exercise , or just like the Hat/ Cap look it is also great to pick up a nice (male like Cap). Today there are many trending in florals and other patterns. 
There are a couple dark toned colours for winter that will not only keep our lips moist but vibrant!
  • Red
  • Wine Pink
  • Dark Purple
  • light pink/Peach
Also keep in mind we can also go with a tinted chapstick that will give us a more natural look.
  • Studs :  Any thing really that can be  small or artistically intricate. (Pearls , Flowers, Triangles, Tear Drops)
If you do not want to go buying a lot of necklaces , Here are 3 staple necklaces that will work with everything.
  • A bib Necklace :  preferably in the Color black for basic or if you don't like black maybe even  nice turqouise.
  • A Gold Chain Choker or SIlver Chain necklace : I preferably love Gold because I find you can match it with anything and everything.
  • Layered / Long necklace : Layering your necklaces, or buying a nice Long layered necklace is a must have too , I would go with a Gold or Gray.
  • Vnecks : If you have to go with only one colour go with White. You can never go wrong with White V-necks slouchy or tight they are a must . Can be dressed up or down. The next top two would be a gray and black.
  • Band Tees/ Graphic Tees: Having a couple colorful Tees distressed or normal can go well with anything. A nice black , white , or navy blue will go a long way.
  • Slouchy Tees/ oversized:  We all know we love That messy yet put together look that a slouchy tee or slouchy anything gives us. If you have to pick only two colors make it your favorite color along with black or white.
  • Crop Tops: All colors , short sleeve ,and long sleeves can be worn with anything effortlessly.
  • Turtle Necks: A lot of people tend to dismiss turtle necks but they are great for warmth and give such an exotic and sophisticated look. They will be great for Autumn.
  • Slouchy Cardigans: Atleast get one color cream , gray , or white.
  • Open shoulder Cardigans: Black or  blue 
  • Camo jacket
  • Anorack Jacket: Green , mustard , or navy blue
  • Leather Jacket
  • Kimonos: floral , Tribal , Leopard , Polka dot.
  • Batwing : brown , black , 
  • Faux fur : Black, white , or leopard
All these  Things can be paired together to make amazing outfits for the fall. Wear them with skinnies , high skinnies , shorts & leggings, and even dresses or skirts. 

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